The building must be left cleaned, locked, and in the same condition after the event as it was before the activity started.  All keys issued must be promptly returned.

  1. Groups and individuals using the church building will be responsible for reporting any damage resulting from their activities immediately. 
  2. The security deposit will be returned promptly once the key has been returned and any damage has been addressed.
  3. The security deposit, building usage fee (payable to St. Andrew Presbyterian Church) and custodial fee (payable to the custodian) will be paid before any keys are issued and must be accompanied by a fully completed Facilities Use Form and Indemnification Agreement.  These forms must be signed by an authorized representative. 
  4. Building usage fees do not provide for any staff services, including but not limited to organist or secretarial.  Custodial fees are separate from building usage fees and a separate check needs to be supplied for custodial fees.
  5. Children and young people must be supervised at all times.
  6. The church will not provide any supplies (such as flowers, candles, table coverings, dishes, cooking utensils, paper towels, paper plates or cups, etc.)  In addition, each group is responsible for their own setup.  The church’s tables and chairs may be used.  Furthermore, the group is responsible for cleaning the tables and returning the tables and chairs (if used) to their proper storage location. The church will provide instruction and note the location of the tables and chairs.
  7. No smoking is permitted in any of the church facilities.





  • Security Deposit:  $500          * All events require $100 Custodial Fee


Original Facilities


Any combination of rooms, except Sanctuary

  • Up to 3 hours = $40
  • More than 3 hours = $60


Sanctuary Rental (non-wedding)

  • Up to 3 hours = $500
  • More than 3 hours = $750


Education Facilities

·         Classroom

·         Up to 3 hrs — $50

·         More than 3 hrs – $75

·         Kitchen

·         Up to 3 hrs — $200

·         More than 3 hrs — $300


·         Fellowship Hall

·         Up to 3 hrs — $500

·         More than 3 hrs — $750


·         Wedding & Reception (Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall — $1500 + custodial fee





Note: There is no fee for the use of the Church grounds provided no damage occurs.