The Children are the Present and the Future of the Church Saint Andrew is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth of all ages to grow in spirit. Youth and Family ministry is for all ages and seeks to provide opportunities for children to share time together in fellowship, on mission trips, in classrooms, doing community service, playing games or taking trips just for fun.

Sunday School – Preschoolers – 6th Grade each Sunday at 10:00 am Our children begin their Sunday School experience by participating with the larger congregation in the opening of the Sunday service in the sanctuary.  Following Pastor Dave’s children’s story, the Sunday School leaders escort the children to their  Sunday School classes. The Deep Blue curriculum invites children to dive deeper into God’s Word and grow stronger in faith.

Kids Sunday School Activities

Due to the COVID-19, all activities will be done virtually.  Please check with the church office for when the schedule will be normal.

Have a Question about Youth Ministry? Visit our Facebook or feel free to call the church office Monday through Friday, at 540-338-4332. You can also email