Courage, Connection, Covenant

Keep alert; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Cor 16: 13-14

Presbyterians are a “connectional,” church. We believe that our God made a covenant to be our God; and; we believe the Presbyterian churches are connected to one another due to this covenant. When connections involve covenant they become more than commonalities.

The church does not always fulfill the covenant part perfectly. No one does. Sadly, when that promise fails, when a connection exists but the bond was not a firmly established covenant, it can be hurtful.

Our new vision and mission is going to be challenging. Here at SAPC, we are making a renewed commitment to be for one another, to engage the courageous and hard work of healing relationships. That is a covenant calling us to become connected with an intentional purpose for well-being.

We are acknowledging that neither a system of congregational care, nor a pastor making a visit, will ever replace the person on the pew making direct contact. My invitation to you is to keep narrowing the focus of what it means to do the healing work of reconciliation in this new covenant. What is the least you can do? We grow by beginning at the beginning.

The smallest step is drumming up the courage to say, “Here I am—thinking of you,” to a specific person, in writing or in person. Seems simple, huh? But it is not if you are not naturally gifted with reaching out. Trust me—I know this personally! So, I am telling you that you are not alone if you hesitate to make a connection more than that Sunday hello.

Be brave—once in the next 7 days. The prayer list might be a good place to start. Or offering a thank you to someone in the church who has meant something to you in your spiritual journey. Trust Holy Spirit, pray for Holy Spirit, to open that door, open your eyes, and help you reach out, to become more than connected—become transformed in the covenant bond of Christ.

If you do this kind of thing easily, you probably know someone who struggles, because they turn to you regularly to ask about someone else! Maybe you can offer to accompany one of us who needs the intro. After all, Jesus sent the disciples 2X2!
(Image Credit: Vicki Dunn, released to Public Domain, “Four Hands Holding, Wikimedia Commons)