Generosity Drive 2020

Dear Friends!
What a year.  
Yes. Of course I’m referencing the global pandemic and related shut downs; two school years like no other; the invaluable dedication of so many essential workers; constant uncertainty; the art of pivoting; “new normals”; virtual ZOOM backgrounds; and so much more. (Don’t forget murder hornets, puss caterpillars and the most contested Presidential Election in US history.) 2020, you’re exhausting!
But you know what? As I write to you, I’m also thinking about:
  • Expanded mission partnerships 
  • Live-streaming church services 
  • Creative small group gatherings
  • Brilliant AV and Tech teams
  • Awesome musicians & worship leaders
  • Parking lot lunches & ice cream socials
  • Community collaborations on race and racism, hunger relief, healthcare, education and refugee support
  • And more! 
Let’s also not forget the commitment of the Neighborhood Learning Center to providing much-needed childcare services to local families, even in times of uncertainty. 
And the dedicated leadership of our pastor, shepherding this flock through very atypical times. 
Again I say: What a year!
Through it all, your financial support to our church has been amazing. Giving has noticeably increased this past year. You’ve made that list above possible. THANK YOU! Thanks be to God! 
Emboldened by these blessings and my sincere gratitude for your dedicated support, I am delighted to once again invite you to be a part of our 2020 Generosity Drive. Generosity (or Stewardship) is the term we use for combining our collective gifts to make our church faithful in its vision and work. Over the next several weeks, our Generosity Drive will challenge each of us to commit to give of ourselves generously, making our support for our church tangible and real. We give because we are thankful for God’s overwhelming generosity to us. 
As we look to 2021, each of us is challenged, as always, to give of ourselves with our time, our talents and our treasures. 2021 may not look like what we expected, but like we’ve learned in 2020, there are limitless possibilities and so much to be thankful for – especially when we work together. 
For 2021, we’re once again challenging you to be bold and to continue to stretch your giving. 
As we prepare for the coming year, four areas of emphasis have emerged as priorities:
Facilitating opportunities for worship that reach out to an expanding community with the seeds of regathering for worship. (Perhaps we can have an Easter of new life as never before!). 
Extending ourselves even further to make a difference in the lives and well-being of those touched by our Community and Global Mission Partners; 
Expanding our Children, Youth and Families Ministry, including hiring a part-time staff person to provide dedicated leadership and creativity to this invaluable Kingdom work; and 
Supporting the energy of maintaining our building and grounds, especially as our ministries, including the Neighborhood Learning Center, adapt time and again to meet the needs of our current environment. 
To do what we want to do in these areas of our work, we need to fund them in bold and visionary ways.  Are you willing to continue your generosity, believing and trusting in the ways that God is working in our midst? Can you feel the excitement and possibility? I can!! 
Enclosed, please find a 2020 Commitment Card. I invite you to prayerfully complete this card as a way of articulating your commitments to Saint Andrew in 2020. You can communicate those commitments to the church in one of three ways:
We kindly request that members do their best to communicate their commitment by November 22nd, as Sunday, November 22nd will be our Dedication Sunday. During the service that day, we’ll give thanks for all the various commitments that have been so generously pledged and so gratefully received. 
Saint Andrew is not simply a building or church activities that we’re called to maintain and lead. Our church is a House of the Risen Lord and through our faithfulness, we are living out Christ’s amazing presence and purpose each and every day – even in these uncertain times.I look forward to discovering, together, what the Lord has in store for Saint Andrew in 2021. I look forward to receiving your pledge. 
Thank you for responding,
Clark Seipt, Generosity Team Chair
Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church
PS – St. Andrew offers an eGiving platform, accessible through the website homepage, that makes giving even easier.   PPS – Interested in donating stock? Contact me, and I’ll provide all the info you need.