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Thanks for checking out our website. Please feel completely comfortable visiting our church.
After you park in our big parking lot at St. Andrew’s, walk up the stairs or ramp to the main entrance. Once you enter the building look right and walk around the corner. A friendly greeter will hand out programs at the entrance. 
Please sign in on the contact tracing sheets provided.
Please observe physical distancing requirements when you choose a seat. 
Please note: MASKS are required for everyone regardless of vaccination status. We strive to protect the youngest and most vulnerable among us. Our attention to this detail has made it possible for us to meet together again.

The worship service follows an order that includes prayer, songs, readings from the Bible and interactive readings by the people and the leaders.

The program moves from gathering and offering a song(s) of praise, to hearing Scripture readings and an interpretation of what the Bible verses mean in our lives today (sermon or homily are the churchy words). From the inspiration and grace of God’s word, we then respond to the good news by making our own commitment to serve God. This commitment takes many forms. In the service there is an invitation to an offering of one’s time, talents, and “treasure,” (financial giving). We conclude with a blessing.



Worried about child care? That’s no problem. Our Children and Youth Director makes sure the children start on their journey to learning and have fun in the meantime. The  Sunday school program is held in conjunction with the service. 
Children under the age of 4 are welcome to remain with their parents. Please know that we know–kids are kids and we do not expect absolute stillness or quiet. (We are in the process of hiring a nursery attendant who will work alongside a member of the church to care for our youngest if you would rather entrust your child to a nursery. Please be patient while we move through the hiring process.)


We are Christians. Briefly, we believe that there is one God who is the creator of all that is. We believe the borkenness we see in the world is not something we can fix by ourselves. We believe Jesus is God in the flesh come to fix what we cannot, so we call him the savior. We believe that Christ (a title for God’s anointed savior) is still with us as Holy Spirit and continues the work of making all things new, heaven on earth.
The name “Presbyterian” is actually about our structure for administering the mission of the church. The pastor(s) and ruling elders share in this job through the session, a governing board. We are connected to the larger church through regional bodies called “presbyteries,” “synods,” and the whole denomination is together through the General Assembly.

To learn more about Presbyterian faith, watch for an upcoming class called Believing & Belonging. It is a great way to meet other new folks, get to know the background of our church, and meet the pastors and elders as you learn about being Presbyterian at St. Andrew.

Is it okay to join in the sacrament of communion?

Yes! We are not a “members only” club. You are welcome to join in our communion service (offered the first Sunday each month). This is the Lord’s table; everyone is welcome.

Is there a big event in your future?

The church is available for weddings and baptisms. The pastor will help you, just ask.

Want to get involved but not sure if it is time to join?

We have a very active congregation beginning to reengage after the lockdowns. We look forward to sharing in good works for the good of all with you. Send your email address to to receive a weekly email that includes a calendar. (Thanks for your patience while this website is updated!)


More questions?   Email us at: