Meet Reverend Beverly

Interim Pastor
Rev. Beverly Friedlander Ostrowski (she/her) joined the staff at St. Andrew in October 2021 from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta where she has served as an interim ministry specialist and a hospice chaplain. “The opportunity to join the people of St. Andrew as they discerned the shape of their ministry is one of the best moves I’ve made! Here are a people who believe and strive to make everyone welcome and create a community where everybody belongs.”
She lives in Purcellville with her wife, and enjoys regular visits with her family and friends, UGA football, Atlanta United soccer, vegetable and flower gardening, ebikes, genealogy, and discussing/reading anything religion & politics, space or science. 
Rev Bev will serve as the Interim Pastor while St Andrew works to call and install a permanent Pastor. She can be reached via the church office (540-338-4332) or via email at
Please be patient while we add our staff:
Interim Director of Music Ministries: Caleb Bates
Director of the Neighborhood Learning Center: Rev. Joanna Rich
Office Manager: Laura Westfall
Class of 2024: Clark Seipt, Lillian Brewer, Deborah Hill
Class of 2025: Ally Fetch, Marcia Owens, Priscilla O’Donnell
Class of 2026: Daniel Gillispie, Josh Shields, Stephen Fike
Class of 2024: Pat Quinn
Class of 2025: Katie Dunnigan, Robin Laybourne, Sarah Sassak, Mitch Seipt 
Class of 2026: Marie Cahoon, Kim Peele, Katie Schwieger 
Nominating Committee

Kevin Burel, Suzanne Wade, Frank Diehl, Sarah Read, Priscilla O’Donnell 

Pastor Nominating Committee 

Maria Burel, Marie Cahoon, Leslie Dragon, Amber Gillispie, Deborah Hill, Evan Read