Week of April 26 


  • Susan G.: Friend John and family, they lost their father-in-law this last week.
  • Courtney H.:  State of Maryland and state of New York.
  • Priscilla O’Donnell –  Co-worker whose dad died alone this week from Covid19.
  • Joanna R.:  Carson’s brother has Covid19.
  • Ann Smith: Brother Tom Bolduc being taken to Fairfax Hospital–heart problems
  • Karen Y.: Friend Peter,  He had been hospitalized for a mysterious illness.
  • Robert C.: Brother in law is recovering at Indiana University Med Center after a motorcycle accident on Friday.
  • Josh S: The unemployed or people affected by loss of income.
  • Jason and Lisa M.: One of Lisa’s relatives, Mark S., as he recovers from injuries from a hunting accident.
  • Evan R.:  Finance team and for Joanna getting NLC through this difficult time.
  • John H.: Friend in Maryland’s daughter tested negative for COVID.
  • Michelle and Ryan M:  Camden’s 10th birthday!
  • Debra M:  Mackenzie’s being accepted in P.A. school (Physicians’ Assistant)
  • Robert C: Have appreciated the online services!  Thank you for making them happen.