Fresh Wind

May 25, 2023
Today is the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Can you breathe any better today than the 3 years and 1 day ago?
Perhaps you are offended by the way people have used the Christian name to pronounce a white nationalist agenda, or any number of dehumanizing paths of bigotry, misogyny, heterosexism, and hatred. Perhaps you can’t find a spiritual space to breathe, to find hope that faith in something greater than ourselves is present and at work to bring peace and abundant life for all. It that is you, you are waiting on the Wind. That is, you are waiting on a life-giving breath of fresh air.
Perhaps you are looking for something other than “traditional” church-life. Check out this innovative pastor (who happens to be a friend of mine), Marthame Sanders. His podcast church is called aijcast: art inspiration justice. In his words, “we explore the connections between the artist and their art, their sources of and hopes for inspiration, and how it all tries to make the world a better place.”
If you need places that touch your spirit through art or music, this might be the place.
His church just might help you breathe and work for a better world.
And join St. Andrew online or in-person on Sundays, 10:00 a.m eastern, as we, too, seek fresh winds of the Holy creating a space where everybody belongs, and can breathe.