Ordinary Time

May 18, 2023

So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. Ps 90: 12

How much longer?
Are you counting the days? Yes, to your vacation, probably. Or at least until school is out and routines and traffic and crowd patterns change. Churches do, count days that is.

Three Sundays away is Trinity Sunday and then—Ordinary Time begins! 

In other words, we are counting days until the next holy day (holiday). People look forward to soul-refreshing moments. Perhaps we need to pay attention to soul-sucking lifestyles that make us look for something better, and anxious to get away from our ordinary lives. Imagine if everyday was a holiday. Imagine creating a life to which every morning was a breath of fresh air and you couldn’t wait to start the day. Imagine opening your eyes excited about the adventure ahead, the possibility that something wonder-full was about to happen.

I’ve been thinking about two aspects of churchy life. One is the soul-draining busy-ness of church. Planning, meetings, leading, fixing, recruiting, meetings, promoting, administering, did I mention meetings? Business as usual. And that doesn’t take into account the upkeep of property.

Within this administration is ministry. When a person is working within their spiritual gifts, business to one becomes purpose to another. As a pastor I have enjoyed a great sense of purpose. I have also had days when I wondered if what I was doing makes any difference. In my work, I have discovered that everyone I meet has that spiritual quest in common. We all want to know our own lives mattered and made a difference, to someone, to anyone. We want purpose.

Burned out or Breathing?
If you are feeling burned out by yor ordinary life, by your work, or by your church work, ready for a break, hoping no one asks anything else of you—take the gift of Sabbath. During that time, patiently, prayerfully, joyfully, studiously, honestly ask, “what’s the point and where do I fit best?” Allow yourself time in your ordinary day, the counting down time, to think about the coming of the holy moments when you have said, “this was worth it.” 
If you’re looking, feel free to join us at St. Andrew as we, too, learn together about our God-given purpose. 

And whatever you do, breathe. “Breathe in peace. Breathe out love.” (song here)

Breathe in the wonder of new sunlight and summer showers. Breathe in the gifts of summer laughter whenever you can. Breathe in the pace of people being away, or present during summer travels. Let the wonder of Ordinary Time become the way to the holy in every day. You might also note, once you’re on that getaway, there is a moment when you start to think, “how much longer,” until I go back.
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Ps 90: 14
 We count our days. Let’s make each one count.