Come and See

 Turn Around

“Repent!” shouts the street preacher. And every commercial you skip on TV or pay to avoid. The process of selling us products begins by telling us our lives are not enough, we are not enough. If only we had…. Just $9.99 in this special offer. Whether it is a new diet and exercise plan or the latest model SUV, advertisers know the pursuit of happiness means keeping up with the imagined lives of the Jones’ or superstars we fawn over in our consumer-based society.

This mentality fades over into the invitation we offer to others when we do evangelism. “Come and see,” what Jesus is all about too often becomes the Church trying to scare people into heaven. “Repent! Save yourselves—confess and God will forgive!” I think that’s why Presbyterians have so much trouble inviting friends to participate in church activities—we aren’t fearful. We are full of grace. And that is not easy to “sell.”

 Come and See

Jesus says simply, “Follow me.” His first friends said, “We found him, come and see.” No fear of God, no threats of hell, no damned if you don’t. Just, “come and see.”

This month we begin a new series of Christian Formation, of discipleship study, called, “Follow Me.” There is one unit that reflects on confession as a spiritual practice (coming in November). All the other units are about the breadth of practices in church life and life beyond our worship gatherings that help us see Jesus everywhere.

The word repent means, “turn around.” If our lives too often take us in directions that are unfulfilling, or leave us wanting something more meaningful, perhaps we can turn around, and learn together more about what Jesus invites us to “come and see.”

I’m pretty sure it will include friendship rather than fear, food rather than faultfinding, and a fresh wind of the holy. I wonder, how did you complete that thought? What do you need the Spirit to refresh in you, around you, with a breath of life?

Maybe you will come and see what Jesus has in mind. See you Sunday?

Peace, RevBev
Image:  Art4TheGlryOfGod by Sharon under Creative Commons license,