Great is God’s Faithfulness

April 13, 2023

Happy Easter!

Great is God’s faithfulness! Oh-you thought that was over and done? This is actually a “season,” as in “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I should say, the risen Christ is the reason we celebrate resurrection every Sunday on “the Lord’s Day,” and the immediate experience of resurrection for the disciples from now through the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Too much churchy stuff to keep reading?
Consider this. Yesterday was a good day in some ways and a lousy day in others. For you, it may have been great all day long and another minute or hour in bed to savor the memory is not long enough. Or it might, for you, have been a terrible, awful, no good day and the sooner it ended, the better. Then, the sun came up this morning.

Whatever happened yesterday, today is new. Today is a day to enjoy the hope of resurrection. Resurrection is not a theology about life after death.

In its fullest form, resurrection is a gift for living life after life. It is the gift of everyday’s new beginning.

I awoke this morning thinking, “If today was the last day of my life….”

I’m here now, at my life, in all its routine, watching for surprises, waiting for the other shoe to drop, creating the moments of joy and possibility, and going through the motions, all of it–with resurrection in mind. Whatever comes, for good or ill, resurrection gives me hope that I can endure with  patience and hope, enjoy with celebration, and confidence, that with my next breath, life is everlasting. Even if mine is not here, I can leave rejoicing in the wonder of new life every morning for you and yours.

Great is the faithfulness of God! Morning by morning, new mercies to see….

Peace be with you!

Rev Bev
photo credit:

Ikonact – Own work Bulgarian orthodox Easter Eggs CC BY-SA 3.0