No Shoes Sunday

What R U Up 2?

How about a No Shoes Sunday?

At a crucial moment in Jesus’s life he “runs away,” up a mountain to pray. While there, another amazing crack in the border between heaven and earth opens up. But this time, it’s not just dear old dad’s voice that reverberates through the air. And it’s not just Jesus who experiences the inbreaking of God’s kin-dom.

This time, Jesus has witnesses! The disciples were astounded and knew they were standing on holy ground!

We call it Transfiguration Sunday.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if heaven opened to us one Sunday in worship? Like, really, broke open and shined us all up for our missionary calling? Just in case, this Sunday is a “No Shoes Sunday,” as in Exodus 3: 4-6

So, wear your good socks or bring your indoor slippers.

And while you’re here

You can vote for your Super Bowl favorite by helping the youth with the Souper Bowl of Caring! Bring your vote (a canned item) and cheer on your favorite team! So wear your team colors: 49ers: red and gold; Chiefs: red and gold; Swifties: Purple and sparkles

Back to the first question

What R U Up 2? This is the theme for Lent and Easter this year. Instead of simply giving up something which is so often like a redo of our already broken New Year’s resolutions, we will be finding, claiming, creating the simple things of daily life that help us follow Jesus right up that mountain into a mission of changing the world.
Hope to see at the Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper and Worship service! Come celebrate your truest valentine who reminds us the greatest commandment is Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength!
IMAGES:  Anonymous. Transfiguration, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved February 8, 2024]