It’s been a week…

It’s been a week. No, several. It’s been a month of …days when all hell has been breaking loose and ripping apart neighborhoods, schools, families, nations, lives.
What are you seeking? This Lenten season’s theme has asked us:
is this the fast I choose; who will you listen to; how do we begin again; will you give me a drink; who sinned; and can these bones live.
The Questions of the Week

We have been willing to confront the difficult days, challenging ideas, and looming death. Nevertheless, our world continu#silencedes to spiral in chaos. This week the question is, “Where are you headed?” I’m not sure if the question is meant for us to consider about our lives, because I have only been able to ask that question of Jesus over the last couple of weeks. I have been at a loss for words. I have felt silenced in the face of all that is so messed up.

 The Way for Those Who are Seeking
Sunday I will head out with Jesus I suppose, with all my questions about where we’re going and whether we will find any peace on the way. We’ll walk the road of hosanna strewn palm branches and off into the middday sun of Christ’s passion and his descent into death. I think some, many, of us have gone ahead of him and wonder if he can find us there. We need Christ’s light. We need to be a light. 
If it’s been a hard week for you, you are not alone in wondering where your life is headed or for asking, where is God. We may not have the answer but we do not need to go alone.
Come Sunday, join together at least, so that if nothing else, we are not blind and  alone in the silencing powers of destruction. Maybe there is a way in the wilderness that leads to new life, if we can make it to tomorrow.