From Bethlehem–Doug Dicks

Dear Friends,
This week we hear from our mission co-worker in Bethlehem, Doug Dicks. PC(USA) mission co-worker shares an update from the Holy Land  in the Presbyterian Outlook. Doug is a fellow Virginian who has served the peacemaking efforts of Israeli and Palestinian peoples for many years. While his letter dates from October 18, I hope you will be reminded that your church, both St. Andrew and the PC (USA) are engaged in sharing the love of God in Christ around the world, and particularly this week, in the place where our faith story began. 

Pray for Peace

“Our prayer list is long,” Doug Dicks said, heaving a big sigh after I asked him how we could help and how we could pray…On Tuesday, Oct. 10, he was scheduled to go to Gaza to connect two Church of Scotland pastors with partner organizations such as the Middle East Council of Churches — a group that helps young people in Gaza seek better employment through vocational training programs. That visit was canceled …”
This article appears in Presbyterian Outlook (and you can read it there by clicking the link) or in .pdf form from the read more link above.
PC(USA) mission co-worker shares an update from the Holy Land. Teri McDowell Ott speaks to Doug Dicks, the PC(USA) regional liaison to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. BY