Myth or Fact

August 3, 2023
Myth or Fact
The most shocking moment of my seminary education was in my first class, Old Testament Survey. There we began by comparing ancient myths of creation, ancient codes of law, ancient histories with the stories in the Bible.

Imagine finding out that Scripture had a lot in common with all these other cultures and their sacred literature. The names were different. The dates rarely matched. Place names were not the same. Their gods were not, ever, our God. Yet, there was no denying the relationship between the tales. How could I possibly have been so deceived?!

Living Word
Overtime, I came to realize that this was like a Bible boot-camp in which our preconceived notions were blasted away with our class- and homework, and then rebuilt from a new foundation. Knocking away the mythology of my own cultural experiences became the piece of scholarship that solidified my faith in God through the revelation of this living word written thousands of years ago. Everyday, I learned something, heard something, grew in some kind of unexpected way, because I was immersed in community and scripture and prayer.
Come and See
That’s the point of church school. We gather, we pray, we read and we share our experiences in order to understand how God continues to reveal God-self to us through the Bible. More than that, in joining each other, we begin to see God break down barriers between us around our differences. We begin to appreciate how each of us comes to know a particular way of God’s lovingkindness, mercy, and justice.

Please begin to plan for your Sunday morning small group. There will be classes for all children and youth, and two classes for adults. Some will be straight up bible study, others will be topical. We need each other. Let us learn together about our God-given faith and purpose.

Sundays – 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. beginning September 10.

Peace, RevBev

Bible Study” by FotoGuy 49057 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.